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In Divi, hitting Space+Shift opens up the Quick Actions menu. From here you can:

  • Type Go To to search through and move to specific modules on the page – especially useful if you’re using custom navigation menus (eg Performance Partnership or SFC, but we should be doing this on all Divi sites)
  • Type any Divi Builder feature that can be edited (within the area that you want changed). For example, typing in Background Colour will open the editor box directly on the Background Colour section. Useful if you can’t remember what tab the option you need sits under.
  • Type Open to bring up a list of all pages within the site, so you can jump to a new page and start editing that one instead. Through this you can also reach anything in the backend, like Theme Customizer.
  • Type Help to open up a list of tutorial videos and documents.
  • Type Insert to add a new rows or modules (eg, type in Slider here and you can then add that directly without needing to find it in the full list of module types.
  • Type Save, Publish or Exit to save, publish, or switch modes from visual builder and standard view.
  • Type View to scroll between Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.
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