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You can access the Content Checklist configuration screen by clicking on the “PublishPress” link.

After the menu loads, click on the “Checklist” tab.

Selecting Post Types

PublishPress Content Checklist doesn’t appear on any post type by default. You need to select what content types you want to use with the Checklist.

Check the specific content types you want to add a checklist to, and click on “Save Changes”.

Load the content type you selected, and check the new box in the right sidebar:

Display a Warning Icon in the “Publish” box

If selected, this option will ask the plugin to monitor the requirement list and display a warning icon right before the Publish button.

The Checklist add-on looks at the list of requirements and if it finds any unchecked requirement, it will display a warning icon.

The icon only is displayed if the current content is not published. Once you publish it, the icon won’t appear, even if the requirement list is not complete.

Selecting the Requirements

All the requirements are disabled by default. You can select just the needed ones choosing the desired behavior on the Action list.

Click on a post type to configure the respective requirements.

We are working in order to have more options and integrations with 3rd party plugins. Check our Add-ons.

In the Action column, you can choose a specific action for each requirement:

  • Show a sidebar message (default): If selected, this option doesn’t trigger any additional action. It only displays the item in the Checklist box.
  • Show a pop-up message: If selected, the specific requirement won’t prevent users to publish. In case the requirement is not complete, it will display a pop-up with a warning message.
  • Prevent publishing: If selected, the specific requirement will be required for publishing. Users won’t be able to publish if it is not complete. This option is represented by an “*” in the checklist.
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