Digital marketing

passivsystems / b-snug

To handle the online advertising for the newly launched B-Snug brand – including creation of assets and management of accounts for Google and social channels – as well as ongoing SEO, UX and CRO to ensure a constant stream of conversions.


Nick Capehorn, UXC
Ryan Scollon, Google Partner / Bing Accredited Professional


Social Media
User Experience / Customer Journey

paid search visuals

Paid search Process

We have worked with similar businesses so have a good idea of setting up an account to achieve maximum conversions and minimal waste right from the start. One of our team also owns an air source heat pump, giving an extra insight into the potential customer journey.

Based on some initial research, these are the sorts of monthly figures that we could be looking at if we plan to target the whole of the UK:
  • 7.5k clicks
  • 160k impressions
  • £11k click budget
  • £1.42 average cost per click
So there is plenty of room to expand here, and that is just with some simple search campaigns. There are still plenty of other campaign types to explore once we are happy with the success rate of these initial campaigns.

Keyword Research

After some competitor research and some input from yourself, we will carry out the keyword research to generate our target keyword list and any preemptive negative keywords that we would like to add, to reduce wastage before we even get started.

Ad Creation

After some competitor research and some input from yourself, we will go ahead and create a set of ads that will include the relevant ad extensions such as callouts and sitelinks. These will then be sent over to you for approval.

Account Setup

At this point, we will also assist with things like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, conversion tracking etc. 

Once it is all set up and ready to go, we await your go ahead and once live, we monitor the new campaign daily for the first 2 weeks to make sure it gets off to a good start.

Monthly Maintenance

This revolves around reducing wastage and aiming for more conversions from the same budget. Depend on your business goals and where you want to take things, this could mean expanding the targeting more and more as things improve, or drilling down on particular locations/services.


conversion rate on google ads vs avg of 3.17%


increase in holiday bookings following Google Ads campaign


reduction in cost per lead following account restructure


CTR within one month of account setup for new business


savings per lead following facebook ad campaign

facebook leads in one month vs 8 from google ads under previous agency


increase in attendance to conference following social campaign


CTR on facebook ads vs 0.9% avg for similar ads

Nick and his team were excellent to work with. They helped bring our vision to life, and during the process, were extremely responsive, even putting in extra hours to make sure we met our launch date. I have worked with many agencies throughout my career and Theme was by far the best.

Pamela La Forgia, Local Buzz

seo / ux / cro process

The bulk of our monthly time will be spent on enhancing both the visibility and usability of the website.

While much of the content will be, from what we understand, written and supplied to us, we will be responsible for promoting and repurposing that content to aid SEO. As part of that, we’ll be conducting regular competitor research to advise on extra content that could be created to make best use of the entire search engine results pages (eg Google’s Q and A box).

Allied with this is ongoing UX and CRO work. By monitoring your Google Analytics we can spot underperforming areas of the site – pages with low conversions, high bounce rates and so on. Typically we’ll pick one or at most two metrics per month, devise a hypothesis as to why they’re performing poorly, and implement a fix. At the end of the month we’ll analyse the improvements – if it’s now at a level we’re happy with, we’ll choose a new metric; otherwise, we’ll make further adjustments.

NOTE: the metrics being worked on for the UX / CRO won’t be the same as those being worked on for the paid and social ads (in other words, you’re not limited to two improvements per month!), but in many instances they may be related.


increase in job applications following new site launch


reduction in homepage bounce rate following a redesign – from 70% down to 32%


increase in online visibility for vocational dance school following SEO


increase in demo bookings for Saas company following email and landing page CRO

Recent digital Works

Relevant Print Work




Client discovery meeting / persona research 

Keyword research / list creation (incl negatives)

Structure of campaigns and ad groups 

Ad creation – 3 ads per ad group along with ad extensions such as callouts and sitelinks etc.

Google Ads account setup (if required)

Conversion tracking implementation

14 days’ intensive monitoring




Messaging and audience research

Use of advanced tools to uncover a greater number of interests and audiences within Facebook

Ad creation – several permutations of headline, message, image and call to action

Running of ads through professional software to perform constant split testing and optimising of messaging

Combination of brand awareness, driving traffic and lead generation depending on the message and audience.

14 days’ intensive monitoring 




Day-to-day house-keeping (checking for broken links, ensuring pages are optimised)

Building up links from third party sites through content marketing

Suggesting (and if needed creating) content designed to appear in Google’s other search features, like the questions and answer box, to give more visibility and chances to rank

Incremental web enhancements using the Lean Analytics methodology 




Bid adjustment

Ad copy amends

Landing page tweaks

Addition of keywords or negative keywords

Monthly reporting and planning for the following month




Changes to creative, amends to the target audience and pausing / editing of losing ads.

Constant split testing and optimising of messaging based on real-time data

Addition / amending of audience demographics including interests, location and age

Monthly reporting and planning for the following month 

Theme Group is a good external marketing partner for our business, with helpful, useful content in a great design format for our audience. We have extended our socially reach significantly since working with Theme Group.

James Lawrence, Ex-Military Careers